Molinare’s expertise in premium post production for theatrical documentaries and high-end broadcast documentary has produced a number of award-winning titles. Our boutique and personal approach, alongside our state-of-the-art facilities and detailed onboarding of complex and intricate projects, is designed to deliver cinematic and immersive results for each project working in both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision environments.





Nothing Compares


The Tinder Swindler

KSI: In Real Life

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything

Trainwreck: Woodstock 99'



Molinare’s outstanding grading services are spread over five state-of-the-art facilities, all equipped with the latest Baselight systems capable of servicing episodic productions of every scale. Our team of industry-renowned colourists has wide-ranging experience in HDR, while our latest 4k grading theatre offers the flexibility to grade and review images with full Dolby Atmos playback.

Colour Science & Workflow Management

Molinare’s long-standing experience and heritage has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of production workflows and colour science. We have a huge knowledge base of different programming genres and can offer advice on the most appropriate workflows depending on your production, post production, and eventual delivery requirements. We are always on hand to provide advice.


Our online department provides some of the most skilled editors in the industry, operating across eight Flame and Avid Symphony suites all connected via shared storage, and able to work at any resolutions. Our network infrastructure ensures high-speed performance and flexibility, enabling us to fulfil any creative and technical brief that our clients require.

Archival Treatment

At Molinare we treat archive with the respect it deserves. Special care and bespoke workflows are designed when converting archive footage across frame rates, while missing or damaged audio is painstakingly recreated with a mixture of custom sound effects, foley recordings, and even voice over lip sync actors. The result is authentic footage, lovingly restored.

Offline - Molinare

Molinare has over 40 offline edit suites across its Soho and Shoreditch facilities, comprising Avid Media Composers with centralised Avid NEXIS storage, allowing seamless project sharing between multiple suites. Our offline support team are experts in post production workflows, whether they are dealing with archive media for a documentary or 4K HDR files for a drama or feature film allowing for the seamless movement of projects from offline through to final post.

Remote Service Offering

As the demand for remote solutions has increased, we have developed a number of tailor-made solutions to cover the needs of different types of productions. We can offer remote control systems that allow a remote user to securely control equipment located within our facility, with several solutions allowing for remote viewing of material in your home or office, or while you’re on the move on a mobile device.

Sound Editorial

Molinare’s highly-skilled team of editors and sound designers are dedicated to work closely with storytellers to bring their distinctive vision to life. Supported by leading-edge technology and bespoke workflows to stay at the forefront of audio post production.

Mixing & Deliverables

Our team of re-recording mixers are dedicated to staying at the forefront of storytelling through sound. We have state-of-the-art facilities, leading-edge technology, and creatives expert at working in the immersive audio format to bring images to life.


Molinare has two theatres specifically set aside for ADR recordings and more record rooms for COVID-friendly crowd sessions. The team include world-class, award winning ADR Mixers, Recording Engineers and Sound Editors. In-booth cameras ensure social distancing, while we have also recently developed our own streaming platform which we can offer exclusively to Molinare customers.


Molinare has two newly-built, world-class designed record rooms which have been designed specifically for foley so the team can continue to deliver award-winning sound for Film & TV and Video Games. Recent projects include Tom & Jerry, Sackboy, The Witcher, A Boy Called Christmas, and Black Narcissus.


Our mastering team delivers file masters to broadcasters, VOD platforms, and distributors worldwide. Our highly-skilled Technicians work with cutting-edge applications offering automated file quality checks, as well as undertaking human eyeball checks on deliverables, noting every detail to make sure they adhere to all technical guidelines and delivery specifications.

Meet the teams


Ross Baker

Head of Grading


Vicki Matich

Senior Colourist


Carl Thompson



Jake Davies

Junior Colourist


Scott Hinchcliffe

Senior Online Editor


Dan Preston

Head of Online


Daniel Bater

Online Editor


Laura Oberbichler

Online Editor


David Tippell

Junior Online Editor

James Dwyer

Online Assistant

Jonathan Peel

Online Assistant

Sound Mix

Greg Gettens

Head of Documentary Sound


Nas Parkash

Re-recording Mixer


Kim Tae Hak

Dubbing Mixer


Tristan Powell

Re-Recording Mixer


Yufeng Zhang

Mix Technician / Audio Mixing


Sound Edit

Claire Ellis

Senior Dialogue Editor


Willam Chapman

Factual FX Editor


Patrick Fripp

Factual FX Editor


Zoe Freed

Senior Foley Artist / Team Leader


Rebecca Heathcote

Senior Foley Artist


Francesca Bourne

Foley Mixer


Guy Mallett

Foley Mixer


Robby Brown

Foley Editor


Zoe King

Foley Artist

Alex Robson

Sound Editor



Jack Loughlin

Director of Sales

Georgia Wallace

Sales Executive

Post Management & Scheduling

Karine Wach-Donovan

Head of Production

Honor Page

Senior Post Production Manager

James Hutton

Senior Post Production Manager

Paul Jones

Senior Post Production Manager

Chloe Hughes

Senior Post Production Manager

Sam Pugsley

Junior Post Production Manager

Deanna Morley

Post Production Coordinator

Louisa Watkins

Post Production Coordinator

Katie Godden

Post Production Assistant